How’s your Social Presence?

Pew and the Internet graphic

Despite my old, uncool nature, I recently joined Snapchat, primarily because I wanted to stay connected to my children.
After reading this article, I have begun thinking of ways to add a library account in addition to the Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts.




Five things schools should do…

In June, I shared an article from the Committed Sardine blog about how students do much better at writing if it is going to be posted on the internet, say, on Wikipedia, than if it’s just something they wrote for their teacher. That same author has another recommendation for the classroom. Of course, it’s what we’ve been talking about for what, the last two, three years?


Here’s a related article:

Be a Ga-Ga- Librarian

Gwyneth Anne Jones, writer of the Daring Librarian blog, makes a fantastic point about how librarians need to be more daring and impossible to ignore if we are to remain a force with which to be reckoned in today’s uncertain budgetary status. I think she has made an important point and has done so quite eloquently…So does the Washington Post.

So C’mon folks, let’s see more great videos!!

Eight Tech Trends for Librarians (and Teachers too!)

Dave Saltman of the Harvard Education Letter presented a succinct but informative article about new trends being used with great success in school libraries across the country.

Points include  digitization, creating a virtual presence, e-books and online book alternatives, and dashboards. There are links and images as well.