What to Expect from a Full-Stack Librarian

This article talks about the needs of academic librarians in order to be the tech leaders they need to be.
It applies to K-12 as well.

My favorite quote:

“If librarians want to change the perception within the academic community that libraries are about more than books and content, then they need to focus more on how the library supports student learning and academic success. It will require more than incremental change. Something needs to happen first. We need to change ourselves.”

What to Expect From a ‘Full-Stack’ Librarian


Two Librarians Essential for every library

0000000Okay, I know that in an age where we are fighting to just have ONE MLS-toting librarian in the building having two seems like a pie-in-the-sky ideal, but you know that old adage, ask for one hundred, hope for ten? Let’s do it. Let’s shoot for the moon.

Janet Johnson Wells, president of the Kentucky Association of School Librarians, has some good arguments for having two librarians. This is a good article to leave laying on the table in the teachers’ break room.

At the worst, we could add a teacher-librarian and keep the tech. That is a workable compromise, right?

10 changes a school library must consider in the digital era

00000How can school libraries stay relevant in today’s digital age?
In library school, we learned ways to preserve, collect, and archive important information.

Many of us became librarians because of our love for and protectiveness of books and this is why many of us have trouble with weeding. Nonetheless, the old ways, while still important, must be blended with techniques that keep us relevant and able to serve our communities of young millenials, digital natives, and administrators who don’t really know just what it is we do.

This article offers ten do-able, important, common sense suggestions for staying relevant and important in your building.