7 characteristics of a digital mindset

1455599116From the article:

“Dealing with this mega disruption calls for a digital mindset, which is not equal to tech savviness or the ability to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with ease. It comprises a set of behavioral and attitudinal approaches that enable individuals and organizations to see the possibilities of the digital era, to use its affordances for deeper personal and greater professional fulfillment, and to design [classrooms] that are more human-centered, purpose-driven and connected.”

This is a great article about the shifts that need to be made in order for a digital mindset to become a part of the building’s culture.



Looking for insight on ESSA and Educational Technology?

Doug Mesecar has an informative article that helps explain how “…educational technology could spark a transformation of teaching and learning for the now empowered states and districts.”

With helpful visuals, this is a great read for anyone looking for how ESSA affects Ed Tech.

This article is not specific to Colorado, but it certainly contains some important data and statistics.


What to expect from libraries in the 21st century

000000In this TEDX talk,  recorded in Denver last November (2013),  Adams County librarian Pam Sandlian Smith shows how she works to use the library as a hub for community-based knowledge creation and discourse.

This is a speech that will touch your heart. Most people don’t know how important libraries are to our children.

Today’s library is not like they were before. We call ourselves Idea stores, we help out during disasters, we work hard to meet our communities’ needs, and we are more than just books.

Let your library be your treehouse.

The Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Check out the Colorado Library blog, The Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.
While this is aimed at public libraries, the truth is no less relevant to school librarians.

These are the facts folks: When our libraries are in trouble we have three choices:

1. We can do nothing, and decline in silence.

2. We can complain about the situation to ourselves.

3. We can take steps to positively influence & reframe public perceptions about the financial support of libraries.

Which choice most benefits you, your school, your students, and future school librarians?

Call for Photos and Film Clips

ADVOCACY: Call for Photos and/or Video:

We are working on another video, aimed toward parents, which focuses on what happens in the library. We want to show how librarians are teachers, collaborators, and mentors. Please send photos or video clips that show learning and fun activities in your library to tjhslmc@gmail.com. Include your name and location so we can properly credit you.