Has The School Library a Future in the Digital Age?

Tricia Kelleher has a few questions about how school libraries should handle the growing demand for digital materials in this article.

She argues, “So what does this mean for a school? It means a great deal. It is my belief that the library has the capacity to enjoy its own renaissance. Because of the digital revolution it is no longer just about the printed book. As a space, it is about inspiring young people.”

and she makes many valuable points about how we can be more inspiring.

Read more here: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Education/Tricia-Kellehers-Blog/Has-the-school-library-a-future-in-the-digital-age-20130520132558.htm


Librarians and Project-based Learning

Many who have seen “Waiting for Superman” agree with the basic premise of the film, but then the questions begin…How can we best enable students to achieve success? How, in a time of dwindling funds do we ensure a well-rounded education? How do we educate rather than test these poor kids to death?  A favorite approach has been Project-based learning.  So for those of us who need a little extra to bolster our position, here is a great article about the role of the librarian in a project-based learning environment:

From eSchool News, (May 2010).  Librarians Weigh in on National ed-Tech Plan.