The Age of Distraction

distracted-texting300How do we handle the fact that online learning is difficult for students because they find it difficult to focus in this age of digital distractions?

This is a great article that discusses this issue from the POV of parents and educators. One to keep in your back pocket.


Including the Parents

Are you including the parents in your outreach? Parents are our most influential stakeholders – when the parents support you, you have a much greater voice in your building. This article offers some solid advice for including the parents in your outreach.


Call for Photos and Film Clips

ADVOCACY: Call for Photos and/or Video:

We are working on another video, aimed toward parents, which focuses on what happens in the library. We want to show how librarians are teachers, collaborators, and mentors. Please send photos or video clips that show learning and fun activities in your library to Include your name and location so we can properly credit you.