What’s more important? Librarians or Espresso?

Dr Steven Krashen talks about the importance of Librarians.

This is a great video.



We all need a positive message

According to this compilation of census information over the last 20 years, librarian jobs have declined over the last few years and male librarians still make up fewer than 10% of all librarians, but there’s plenty of fascinating information in this blog.

Thanks to Charlie Leckenby for the link: http://blog.oup.com/2011/06/librarian-census/

23 Studies find Positive Link Between Library Spending & Student learning

Here’s a great article to share with your colleagues:

Debra E. Kachel, a professor in the School Library and Information Technologies Department at Mansfield University [asserts: ] “The research  shows clearly that schools that support their library programs give their students a better chance to succeed.” 


Libraries are Vital for a Nation’s Happiness

My friend at Glenwood Springs forwarded this article to me.

In it, “The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams criticised library closures during his Easter Sermon, delivered at the weekend.

Speaking on the wider topic of happiness—which is to be the subject of the first ‘happiness index’, conducted by the Office for National Statistics—the Archbishop reflected on a recent stop-off at a local library on a “rather devastated” Manchester council estate. Williams said his visit had ‘revealed a lively group of teenagers who were regular users, welcomed by staff, glad of a place to do homework, gossip and feel secure.’ ”

Read teh article, with the link to the full text of his speech here: http://www.thebookseller.com/news/libraries-vital-nations-happiness-says-archbishop.html