Eight Tech Trends for Librarians (and Teachers too!)

Dave Saltman of the Harvard Education Letter presented a succinct but informative article about new trends being used with great success in school libraries across the country. http://www.hepg.org/hel/article/502

Points include  digitization, creating a virtual presence, e-books and online book alternatives, and dashboards. There are links and images as well.


Are E-Books any Good?

Charles Leckenby shared this link to a recent SLJ article about E-books. It highlights a school librarian who worked with her students to measure whether e-books increase engagement in her students.
It’s informative nad interesting…especially for those of us who are hesitant to jump in the pool with both feet: http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/slj/printissuecurrentissue/890540-427/are_ebooks_any_good.html.csp

Opinion: Children need both digital and print books

From Dave Sanger:

There need not be a battle between digital and print books for students, writes Gabrielle E. Miller, the national executive director for the nonprofit Raising a Reader. Each option has benefits for young readers and both are needed to ensure that children are comfortable with e-book technology as well as with the simple act of reading a book.