7 characteristics of a digital mindset

1455599116From the article:

“Dealing with this mega disruption calls for a digital mindset, which is not equal to tech savviness or the ability to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with ease. It comprises a set of behavioral and attitudinal approaches that enable individuals and organizations to see the possibilities of the digital era, to use its affordances for deeper personal and greater professional fulfillment, and to design [classrooms] that are more human-centered, purpose-driven and connected.”

This is a great article about the shifts that need to be made in order for a digital mindset to become a part of the building’s culture.



The Age of Distraction

distracted-texting300How do we handle the fact that online learning is difficult for students because they find it difficult to focus in this age of digital distractions?

This is a great article that discusses this issue from the POV of parents and educators. One to keep in your back pocket.


Looking for insight on ESSA and Educational Technology?

Doug Mesecar has an informative article that helps explain how “…educational technology could spark a transformation of teaching and learning for the now empowered states and districts.”

With helpful visuals, this is a great read for anyone looking for how ESSA affects Ed Tech.

This article is not specific to Colorado, but it certainly contains some important data and statistics.


Speaking of Maker Spaces…

If the last few years have demonstrated anything, it’s that continuing to do things the old way is not working for us anymore.

Here is an article that offers ways that school libraries are transforming the way they do things in order to stay relevant. Included are links to guides for creating your own makerspace.

How Libraries Fit in the Future of Learning is part of a series. I recommend you read as many as apply to your own space.