Recognizing and Overcoming False Growth Mindset


Examples of a false growth mindset include praising effort over progress, affirming students’ potential without enabling them, and blaming their mindset instead of refocusing it.

This article by Carol Dweck shows how many educators are blaming the mindset of students when they likely need to be refocused.


Teacher professional learning pedagogy needs to change too

1q38d69k2iqb8xo-e7lrpzgWe have long discussed the efficacy of teacher PD and this article echoes the idea that we need to start modernizing our approach.

From the article:

“For too long now education conferences and professional learning events have prolonged a traditional “sage on the stage” approach. It is lazy and it needs to change.”

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The Age of Distraction

distracted-texting300How do we handle the fact that online learning is difficult for students because they find it difficult to focus in this age of digital distractions?

This is a great article that discusses this issue from the POV of parents and educators. One to keep in your back pocket.

Two Librarians Essential for every library

0000000Okay, I know that in an age where we are fighting to just have ONE MLS-toting librarian in the building having two seems like a pie-in-the-sky ideal, but you know that old adage, ask for one hundred, hope for ten? Let’s do it. Let’s shoot for the moon.

Janet Johnson Wells, president of the Kentucky Association of School Librarians, has some good arguments for having two librarians. This is a good article to leave laying on the table in the teachers’ break room.

At the worst, we could add a teacher-librarian and keep the tech. That is a workable compromise, right?

The need for Media Literacy in the curriculum

Sometimes I have to stop and do a facepalm.

Have we not been saying these things for years?

From the article:

“While students express confidence that media messages have clear primary meanings and sources that can be easily identified, media literacy demands nuanced thinking about message creators as well as their goals and values.”

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