An Education bill that recognizes School Libraries

All right, my advocacy-minded pretties, it’s time to pay attention to politics.

ALA has pointed out that we have some advocates on our side. The Strengthening America’s Schools Act includes language that specifically addresses the need for a library in any successful school:

“This program has several provisions that will be helpful to students and libraries in the United States including defining an effective school library program as:

  1. Staffed by a state-certified or licensed school librarian;
  2. Having up-to-date books, materials, equipment, and technology (including broadband);
  3. Including regular collaboration between classroom teachers and school librarians to assist with the development and implementation of curriculum;
  4. Supports the development of digital literacy skills

Furthermore, this legislation will allow for the Department of Education to award three-year grants to low income school libraries to maintain up-to-date school library collections, staffed by a state-certified school librarian and for other purposes relating to a school library.”

We’ve always had the research, but now we have a chance to effect political change. Make sure you keep an eye on this bill. Read the original article here:

First education bill in decades acknowledges effective school library programs

To read the study cited in the article, you can click here: Increased Library Staff Links to Higher CSAP Scores


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