Redefining ourselves

It’s not a new concept, but this blog points out how important it still is.

From the article:

Reading skills and the online text

Reading skills and the online text

As a secondary school teacher, my experiences of teaching reading have always been about remediating what has already been learned. The same is true for teaching reading online. While secondary readers want to have predictable structures to rely on, they also want enough novelty to be enticed and challenged. The very nature of reading online brings into play many new variables of this medium including conventions, structure, and legibility.

According to Doug Achterman (2010) there are four interrelated factors that have changed the nature of literacy:

  •  1.1. The ubiquity of the internet
  •  1.2. The nature of the internet itself allows for the continuous change of literacy technologies themselves
  •  1.3. Such technologies [citation] change the form and functions of earlier literacies since they carry within them new potentials for literacy
  • 1.4. The way we make and create meaning with text is in constant evolution. (p. 79)

“There has been some educator concern about keeping up with technology. Rather than using this excuse to not adapt to the new nature of literacy, it is better that we become more adaptable. Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson (2011) say that the [digitization of text] impacts information organization, selection, evaluation and creation.

“The task for teachers is to prepare our students for these challenges. One of those ways is to expose them to reading in multiple dimensions. Just as we have adapted teaching to suit the diversity of learners, so must we teach to the multitude of dimensions that meaning can be made from.”

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