Write a Letter, Save a Job

A recent addition to our Blogroll is the CASL site. School Librarians, take note: being a member of CAL offers many benefits and CASL offers resources on technology, best practices, and advocacy.

 As Steven Anderson posted on his blog: (http://tinyurl.com/2centw)  It’s time to think like Twisted Sister and Stand up for ourselves. 

Maybe we should be like KISS and “Shout it out Loud” that we are Loud Proud Librarians.

At any rate, the lack of press about the plight of school librarians is definitely something we need to address.

One important advocacy project in progress right now is our letter writing campaign. Visit the blog to download a template for a letter to the editor. Fill in your own experiences in your library and send the letter to your local paper. We need to be more apparent and this is an easy way to take part.


If you are not already a member, this is the year to do so.


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